A few fun facts about me:

  • I am passionate about singing, music and performance
  • I’ve been studying voice and performing for 15+ years
  • I’ve sung as a solo artist in both classic and pop settings
  • I’ve sung with bands
  • I’ve sung as part of a capella groups and choirs
  • I’ve coached students of all ability levels and ages
  • I’ve sung in different languages in different countries
  • I’m a big believe in the pooling of knowledge in an intelligent way
  • So, I firmly believe¬†in sharing what I’ve learned along the way to help others accelerate their path to singing success. Likewise, I’m sincerely hoping others can also share their knowledge and experiences for the betterment of all.

I hope you enjoy the site and find it helpful in your vocal journey. I want to learn from you as much as I hope you will learn from me.

Warm Regards,





-Vocal About Voice


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