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Why I started a Blog about Singing

Why singing?

I’m a passionate person. I love music. I love singing.

Naturally, I want to talk about what I’m into.

(I also love talking, but that’s another matter :))

So, I’ve got the selfish motivation out of the way…

But I believe there is something much more that this site can give to you. As an aspiring singer – around 10+ years ago –  I found it really hard to evaluate my progress. I didn’t know who to trust. Each voice teacher would charge upwards of $80/ hour for a lesson and would tell you that progress wouldn’t be visible until you had completed at least 10 lessons! How can you trust someone who tells you that you need to spend $800 or more before you know if they are a good fit for you?! And with no money back guarantees!


About You!

So I created this site from a place of personal experience. I want to create an environment of trust where you can learn from my experiences and where the less experienced can learn from the more experienced. This site is free. I’m not trying to sell you anything and I’m not using this site as a plug for my own singing lessons. I’m sincerely trying to provide an impartial platform where an aspiring singing student can come and share their concerns, ask questions and learn. A place where an advanced student can also share their experiences for the betterment of singers of all ability levels.

In addition, I’m looking to save you time and money and for all of us to grow and learn. Vocal study is an ongoing process; there are literally limitless heights that can be achieved. I want you to get there as quickly as possible, with the right type of hard work.

I’ve been down the road of studying with singing teachers for a few years where I have plateaued or regressed. (Yep I’ve been through a fair few of them. Related: What to look for in a Voice Teacher) I’ve had friends who claim certain singing teachers have ‘destroyed’ their voice. I don’t want you to have the same experiences. Whether you are a total beginner, an intermediate student striving for the next level, or an advanced singer who is trying to refine certain elements, I strongly believe in the pooling of knowledge and experience.

Hasn’t this been done already?

I’ve looked around on the Internet and most singing ‘blogs’ are not real blogs with a community contributing to them. Correct me if I’m wrong, but most of these so called blogs are just plugs to get you to buy a product or pay for a lesson. I feel there is a tremendous need to have unbiased information that is not tied down to a particular person or school of thought.

With that said…

In conclusion, any post on this site is just the spark for a discussion. I want to hear from you and turn the discussion into actionable items in your singing journey. I want to hear your feedback and your ideas. I’m excited.


-Vocal About Voice 

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